1 to 1 Program

Ohio Hi- Point Career Center provides all students with use of a laptop computer while they are a student at the Bellefontaine main campus location.

We are committed to providing technology for students so they can acquire the skills and knowledge to learn effectively and live productively in a digital world

Software that is installed on all student laptops

Office 365

Google Chrome

Google Drive

Mozilla Firefox


Media Player

Adobe Reader

Audacity w/ LAME MP3 plug-in

Student Technology Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Additional software that can be installed as needed

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk Inventor

ProLandscape (limited licenses)

Lego Mindstorm

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

ETCAI electronics software


Vernier Logger Pro



  • Strive to make a difference

  • Think critically

  • Make informed, well-researched decisions

  • Find answers to your questions

  • Express creativity

  • Explore possibilities

  • Become more organized

  • Be a positive global citizen

  • Check your email daily


  • Engage in any illegal activity

  • Harm or threaten another

  • Plagiarize

  • View illegally uploaded content

  • Use social media to bully or inflict emotional pain

  • Become distracted

Where do I save my school files?

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is a Google Suite school, and provides unlimited storage through Google Drive. Your school issued computer will have Google Drive File Stream or Google Drive Backup and Sync pre-loaded for you. The preferred program is Drive File Stream because it provides you with access to Shared Drives which you may use for meetings and collaboration.

Staff who are on the main campus can also have access to network drives. The H: drive is your personal drive to use, and nobody else can see those files. The I: drive is the Common drive and is a good place to share files. Please try to keep it tidy. These drives are only available off campus by using ClassLink.

How to care for your school issued computer

  • Do not use wet wipes or other chemicals on the screen. Use ONLY wipes that are specifically made for electronics, glasses, or TVs.

  • If liquid is spilled on the laptop, DO NOT TURN IT ON!

  • Do not leave the school’s equipment in a vehicle, especially in plain sight or in a vehicle that is unlocked. Doing so increases the risk of theft or vandalism. The school is not liable for any loss or theft of devices.

Password Reset

For your convenience and security, we have set up a self-service password reset website. This site will require you to enroll first with your email and a cell phone number. Once enrolled, you will be able to unlock your account, change your password, or reset your password.

We suggest you enroll today at

This site will change your password for any computers on the OHP Bellefontaine Main Campus network, your email, and anything tied to those accounts (eg. Adobe, Office365, Schoology, etc).