The new Workflow site will eventually be housing any electronic forms that need to be routed from one person to another. At this time we have the Study Trip Request, Acceptable Use Policy, and Staff Emergency Medical Form. Please visit and login with your Google account.


In an effort to consolidate all electronic forms to one location, staff can open the website This site contains all forms that are used by the District, and contains the most current versions of all forms. When creating a new form, it should be downloaded from here rather than using an old form. Paper copies should not be circulated.

Password Reset

For your convenience and security, we have set up a self-service password reset website. This site will require you to enroll first with your email and a cell phone number. Once enrolled, you will be able to unlock your account, change your password, or reset your password.

We suggest you enroll today at

This site will change your password for any computers on the OHP Bellefontaine Main Campus network, your email, and anything tied to those accounts (eg. Adobe, Office365, Schoology, etc).


We have created a site for staff to use that provides easy access to many staff resources and sites. The Launchpad also provides the capabilities of remember many of your passwords for you, so you don’t have to keep a list somewhere. Just visit and bookmark the page. You will login with the same username and password that you use on campus (not email address).


Ohio Hi-Point has a subscription to Schoology for our official Learning Management System (LMS). You are welcome to use Google Classroom, but we cannot offer much support for it. All OHP staff (except Marysville)* have an account in Schoology.

In order to access Schoology, please visit and login with your Google information. You do not have a separate username and password for Schoology.

We try to keep all grading periods current, but please let us know if something is missing. Training can be provided for all staff who wish to use Schoology in their classroom.

*Satellite staff at Marysville will use Marysville’s LMS rather than OHP’s Schoology system. You will still need an account in order to access the OHP Wellness Incentive (see Mrs. Frost)